Rick Hampton


I have been performing live music since 1976 . Over the years I have performed in numerous bands

covering many different styles and genres of music.

45 years on and I still have that same passion.

BASS & GUITAR LESSONS was established in 2008. During that time I have had the privilege

of being a part of many student's musical journey.  From taking beginners right through to Grade 8,

to helping someone take that first step to playing in front of a live audience.

Everyone's journey is different, yet they all share the same dream of playing a musical instrument.


Live Events


Throughout the year we host many live events to support our students as they become accomplished musicians and performers.




Through my work as a professional musician I am at the forefront of what is happening on the live music scene.

I am in a excellent position to pass on my experience and knowledge to help guide students towards their individual musical goals.

Further Information


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